IKE Box Coffee Shop


The IKE Box has a full service coffee shop that serves local Sisters Coffee Company coffee and espresso. There are also loose leaf teas, fruit smoothies, and italian sodas.
We use locally made chocolate and chai, as well as a wide variety of all natural syrups.


IKE Box serves many local pastries as well as a great variety of fresh bagels. If you need something a little more substantial there are usually 2-4 different types of quiches, 5-6 different burritos including 3 breakfast burritos. Fresh hummus and pita or bagel, and Italian sausage lasagna can be found most of the time. Allann Brothers does all of the baking for us, and delivers it fresh! There are also at least two different types of Allann Brothers cookies available. Allann Brothers uses local organic sustainable flour and organic eggs in all of their food products.
(recommendation- chicken and rice burrito with chips and salsa)
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Need some space?

IKE Box is on the ground floor of a 120 year old, 10,000 square foot building in downtown Salem. It has a spacious ballroom that serves as the main seating area for the coffee shop. There are plenty of tables and chairs, as well as couches and “comfy” chairs. Along with the ballroom, there are several other seating options. There are two spaces available for meetings for up to 15 people. The ballroom is also available for rental of larger meetings, parties, or even weddings. If you are interested in reserving some space for your gathering or meeting, click on the email link below.


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