Young people (age 16-19) who want to Make [Life] Better for yourself and others.


Challenging activities that build confidence and skills including:

  • Training Camps: an introduction to IKE Life (3-4 sessions per year)

  • IKE Box work experience: internships available (limited space) after Training Camp is completed

  • Quest Nights: get together with other Questers to continue learning and practice what we learn as a family

  • Big Table dinners: Family Extended around a meal

  • Heroes In Training: exercising heroic powers by serving the community

  • Recreation and exercise: hiking at Silver Falls, climbing the sand wall at Pacific City to earn dinner at the Pelican’s Cove, movie nights at the IKE Box, and more!

  • Road trips and new experiences: San Francisco, crabbing, kick ball


There is no monetary cost to the participants. IKE Quest expenses are offset by IKE Box revenue and private donations, therefore participation in voluntary community service and/or internships will be the way participants “pay” for IKE Quest.


Request an IKE Quest Application by writing to us: ikequest@ikebox.com, fill it out, and drop off at the IKE Box
We will contact you with further information. 
For questions, contact Mark Bulgin: ikequest@ikebox.com or call (503) 581-6154 ext. 2.